Labor Force Statistics – Lamar County Labor Market Area

Area Definition
Generally, a labor market area is defined as an economically integrated geographic area in which workers can change jobs without having to change their place of residence. In Texas, labor market areas have been designated as one or more county areas, and labor market statistics are not prepared on cities or any unit smaller than a full county. The Paris labor market area, therefore, consists of all of Lamar County.
Population and Labor Force
Lamar County has a population of 49,523 according to the 2014 census. Approximately 51.7 percent of the total is female (25,604), and 48.3 percent (23,919) are males. Paris has a population of 24,895.The labor force is the sum of the number of employed and unemployed persons who reside in the county. The total labor force in Lamar County is 22,188, with 1,032 who are unemployed. Expressed as a percent of the labor force, unemployment is 4.7 percent as of November 2015.