Paris Economic Development Corporation Releases Promotional Videos

Paris, Texas – July 9, 2019

The Paris Economic Development Corporation officially announces the online debut of two promotional videos on Facebook and Youtube at 11:00 AM.

The first video being released today, titled W.I.R.E., focuses on Workforce, Infrastructure, Real Estate, and Education resources. When first searching for a new location for a facility, many businesses focus on the key factors that they will need in order to be successful. W.I.R.E highlights what many of these businesses need by showing Paris’s capable workforce and the physical resources that make Paris well-equipped to handle a business’s unique requirements.

The second video, This is My Paris, focuses on the people that live in Paris. Despite its smaller size compared to other cities in the region, Paris exhibits an incredibly diverse population that is welcoming to people from different walks of life. This is My Paris captures an important quality-of-life indicator that can often be the key to a business’s final decision: a strong sense of community.

PEDC Executive Director Michael Paris states, “W.I.R.E addresses what almost every business is looking for when thinking about a new facility: Does this place have the workers we are looking for? Does it have the type of land we are looking for?” As somewhat of a contrast to W.I.R.E, This is My Paris touches on something that’s important, but not always directly asked: is this a place I would want to live? We hope that after watching the videos, “yes” is the answer to all of these questions.”

Continuing, Mr. Paris says, “These videos are an important new part of our marketing strategy, and we hope that people can appreciate what we were aiming to accomplish and share the videos with friends and family after watching them.”

The videos release at 11:00 AM on Facebook ( and the PEDC YouTube Channel, and an additional video will be released in the coming weeks.

For more information about these videos or to arrange an interview, please contact Michael Paris at the PEDC at (903) 784-6964 or


View original press release here: 2019-7-9 WIRE and My Paris Video Press Release