The Texarkana Regional Airport board of directors are reviewing a five-year plan to build a new terminal, a new taxiway and generally improve the appearance of the facility at an estimated cost of $29.4 million to attract more economic development to that area that spans both Texas and Arkansas. The new terminal would be located across from the main runway and provide a new entry while the taxiway would flank the length of the runway, said Mark Mellinger, the airport director.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would pay about 90 percent of the estimated cost of a new terminal by providing grants. FAA funding applies only to new construction. The remainder of funding would come from the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics (ADA), passenger facility charges to fund airport upgrades and the cities of Texarkana, Texas, and Texarkana, Ark. The Texas side will allocate $1 million towards the project and the Arkansas side is applying for a federal Economic Development Administration grant to cover its portion. Because revenues from sales taxes on the sale of aircraft and aircraft fuels are declining, the ADA is considering lowering the maximum amount of its FAA matching grants, which could lengthen the time schedule for the airport upgrades.

Original article can be found here: Texas Government Insider