Electric Power
Supplier Oncor Electric Delivery
Generating Capacity 22,808,000 KW
Reserve at System Peak 15.1%
Service Voltage 120/208, 120/240, 240/280, 277/480
Supplier Lamar Electric Cooperative
Service Voltage 120/208, 120/240, 277/480
Supplier Lamar Energy Center
Generating Capacity 1000 MW Gas Fire Generating Plant
Supplier Direct Energy
Generating Capacity 241 MW/Hr / Combined Cycle Power Plant
Natural Gas
Supplier Atmos Energy
BTU Per Cubic Foot 1,000
Supplier City of Paris
Source Pat Mayse Lake & Lake Crook
Maximum System Capacity 32 Million Gallons (Daily)
Maximum Daily Use to Date 27.8 Million Gallons
Average Daily Use 12.5 Million Gallons
Storage Capacity 14.5 Million (4 Mil, Elevated-10 Mil; Ground)
Pressure on Mains 35 PSI – 90 PSI
Size of Mains 2″ – 60″
Type of Treatment Plant Activated Sludge
Maximum Capacity 7.25 Million Gallons (Daily)
Maximum Daily Use to Date 8.5 Million Gallons
Average Daily Use 4.2 Million Gallons
Supplier AT&T and Suddenlink Communications
Type of Service Fiber-Optics, High Capacity Digital (T-1; AT&T only)
Features Digital Data Service, 911, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding,
Video & Computer Data Transmission